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Greenbeanz Photography - The Foundation

As a photographer I always try to capture the unique energy of an event. From gigs to weddings, proms to retirement parties, I make a point of capturing memories in original ways that will grab people's attention and transport them back to that day. The technical and creative skills learned and honed with stills photography are an essential apprenticeship in preparing to be a film maker. Whether it be deploying a mirrorless camera equipped with a silent shutter in hushed silence of a theatre, hanging a micro camera off the lighting rig above a crowd, for that wide video shot at a heavy metal gig, or harnessing myself to the inside of a car in order to lean out of the window with a heavy DSLR to capture 'that shot' of a team of charity cyclists coming over the brow of a hill, I will find the best way to create the image and put myself where I need to be to capture events as they unfold.


MUSIC and Sound

Music and sound are my passions and what I spend most of my time as a photographer documenting. I have won awards for my work as both a sound and installation artisit, and so know exactly how important the audio for film is, and how to expertly render it during shooting and in post production. When not photographing music I am either recording it as a producer, creating it as a musician, reviewing it as a writer or distributing it as the owner of a small independent record label. I have shot everything from tiny intimate acoustic gigs to huge outdoor festivals and all that comes between, and again this helps me even when the subject matter has nothing to do with music. Sound is everywhere and if you want to test the importance of it in film making ,try turning off the audio to your favourtite movie to see how much impact the sountrack can have.

I have shot album launch shows, album cover art work and band and artist promos (stills and video) and will continue to offer this service as well as the documentation of live performances with Photographs and/or High Definition video as this along with the coverage of live sport ( particulalry Boxing) to keep my skill set sharp and ready to react when making films.


Whether it is composing the middle eight in a piece of music, the framing of a shot through a still camera's viewfinder, or the cutting between a series of shots in a video editing suite, composition is not something that you ever stop learning about. I believe that every piece of art we make as a creator, is a story, or at the very least, a conversation between creator and viewer/listener. I aim to bring that open ear and observant eye to every film that I make.

The framing of a shot and the rhythm of an edit is something that can be applied with both still and moving images

You can see my work as a photographer to demonstrate this in my extensive and varied portfolio here -