Film Making and Videography from Award Winning UK Filmmaker, Artist and Photographer


Your film should be be original and unforgettable because your story is unique. I understand the value of listening and the importance of telling your story in an uncompromising way that reflects this. In a media saturated world this ability to communicate clearly is crucial if you want to earn people's attention.

affordable bespoke service

Films and documentation to suit your budget. A short film can be a surprisingly cost effective way to promote and document the service that you provide, or explain the products that you make. A clearly focused and targetted video campaign can often secure a very quick and tangible return on your advertising investment. From small companies to musicians, artists, sports people, educational establishments and charities, a short film can also go a long way in communicating ideas and concepts that photographs and the written word can not express.

keeping it focused

The value of a succinct and focused message is not to be underestimated when planning your campaign or promotion and an outside perspective is often crucial in unearthing the essence of what makes you special and different. Whether it is showcasing your work as a performer or band to secure bookings, documenting your opening night as an artist to help spread the word, educate and secure future sources of funding,or simply creating a short promtional film to raise your profile as a small business on social media, I am here to help.

About Me

As a film maker, photographer and artist, I have been documenting things for nearly 30 years. I am familiar, skilled and adept with the process of using images to communicate. I am comfortable presenting my own perspective on your work or working in collaboration with people who share the same passion for creative expression.

  • companies

    Companies and businesses of all sizes can really benefit by represented in a short film. Potential customers and clients can be shown exactly what makes you stand out from the competition, and everything from process to presentation can be clearly demonstrtaed in a viewer friendly way.

  • musicians

    Many musicians will perform in a myriad of different line ups and genres without having a visual record of those gigs, festivals or recording sessions. I have documented these as well as creating original short films to help get songs and music into places where they might otherwise have been missed.

  • Artists

    Artists are often not the best at taking time to promote their own work. I have brought the camera into the studios and workshops of creators as well as documenting opening shows and exhibitions.

  • sports men and women

    A life of dedication is often conducted away from the camera and can help to reveal and illuminate those journeys that lead up to the big event and what happens after.

  • actors

    Without actors there are many stories which would remain untold. I have worked alongside them in bringing unique stories to life. A moving showreel or filmed audition could help secure you that role

  • organisations

    Everyone from volunteers and charity workers to community volunteers and educators. Those with a passion for change and the desire to go out and make it happen, can benefit from documenting their work with a short film to help increase their ideas reach.

  • and MUCH more

    All of us have unique stories to tell and I have helped tell those often fascinating tales of what on the surface can seem like quite ordinary stories. From Weddings to Business Presentaions, Training Courses to Crafting Tutorials, the value of a short film is easy to forget until after an event has passed. Talk to me now and find out how simple and afordable it can be to capture those moments forever.

What about my story?

If you would like to commision me to make a film or discuss what is possible, you can contact me at -